“Live” – a song devoted to my friends, colleagues, and all who have tragically taken their own lives.

Hello Everyone,

I was performing on a cruise ship when the Coronavirus became a ‘Pandemic’. The guests were evacuated but the crew, myself included, remained onboard the ship. 70 days later, I have just arrived home.
This period of uncertainty and isolation included 24 days of solitary confinement inside a small room and numerous last minute flight cancellations.
Tragically, these extremely trying circumstances proved too much for some of my colleagues and they took their own lives.

Whilst in ‘lockdown’ I received a message from a lady in Arizona, USA. She listened daily to my song “Live” and kindly told me that it gave her hope.

At the end of ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’, in the memory of my fallen colleagues and for anyone who has struggles mentally, I would like to share this song (for free).
It is taken from my last album ‘Raw’, which features the late, great Keith Emerson on keyboards. Keith suffered from depression and also took his own life in 2016.
It is an uplifting song, which lyrically imagines a time when people of all nations, creeds and cultures come together for the betterment of all – Surely that time is now.

The Song & Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18tBPnM3-lndj9CtHjjfq-ouxksGz7Gz8/view

If you like my song, please make a donation to the The World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) charity in the link below, or to a Mental Health Charity of your choice.


Damian Joyce.

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